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FREE Education Consultation: Become a High Achiever by Studying at the University of Guelph

The University of Guelph, Ontario one of the highest ranking mid-sized comprehensive universities in Canada and is known worldwide for its’ research and superior academic programs. Students benefit from a comprehensive and innovative curriculum spanning 12 degree programs and over 80 majors, allowing great flexibility. International students from America, Africa, Asia and other parts of the world currently enjoy world class quality education at the University of Guelph.

Morgan Global Access Consultants Limited brings you a rare opportunity “FREE consultation with a representative of the University of Guelph, Deneene Ricketts (International Recruitment Officer)”

Are you a young secondary school leaver with big dreams for the future? Do you have a child or ward who will like to study abroad? This consultation avails you the chance to discuss the opportunities available for study at the University of Guelph.

You can attend the consultation with your WAEC results and other relevant academic credentials.

The University of Guelph offers you outstanding education and state of the art research facilities that will place you on a pedestal with the best brains of the world.

The University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada consistently ranks among the top 5 Comprehensive universities in Canada and best universities in the world.

To enjoy this FREE consultation and book a slot, simply send an email to

You may also call or send a text to the numbers 08181744150, 08080992904.

Consultation dates: January 30th and 31st, 2017

Time: 10 AM


Venue: Morgan Global Access Consultants Limited

Plot 15B Omorinre Johnson Street, Off Otunba Adedoyin Ogungbe Crescent, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.




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Investor Immigrant Program: Do you have a High Personal Net Worth? Become a Global Citizen Today!

As global wealth and the need for international commerce increased, countries rolled out plans to enable individuals to immigrate and acquire a permanent resident or citizenship status.

To attain this permanent residency or citizenship status, the high net worth individual is required by the destination country to make certain amount of investment in ventures in the country.

For example, Canada, under its business investor immigration program created in 1986 required that applicants have a personal worth of CAD $1.6 million and must be willing to lend CAD $800,000 to the Canadian government for a period of five years. Once these conditions were met, the individual receives a permanent residence permit.

However, in March 2015, major adjustments were made to Canada’s business investor immigration program.
Benefits of Business Investor Immigration
Since the first business investor immigration program was established, many high net worth individuals have relocated or planned to relocate to new countries via the program, and many have shared the benefits that they have or hope to enjoy, some of these benefits include:

Better business opportunity
Improved quality of life
More favorable tax and regulatory policy
Safer physical environment
Access to better services in destination

The business investor immigration program has remained a viable investment venture through which high net worth individuals and countries have attained lofty economic and development goals.

To get more insight into the program and get guidance on how to make the investment, contact Morgan Global Access Consultants Limited today.

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WAEC RESULT: Start Processing your International Admissions Today

Do you have your WAEC result? Be among the early birds and avoid being caught in the last minute rush, lay the foundation for a bright future by starting your admission processes early.

Your WAEC result is all you need to secure admission into some of the most prestigious and affordable schools in Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Beginning your international admission processes early can improve your chances of successful admission, especially when you consider how long it will take to process your application for Study Permits and Visas.
Good WAEC Result: Admission Guaranteed
Morgan Consultancy Services is affiliated with many schools in Canada and around the globe, hence, your school placement is almost guaranteed. We also help you secure your Study Permit and Temporary Residents’ Visas for members of your family who wish to accompany you to school.

The Managing Director of Morgan Consultancy Services is a Regulated Canadian Immigration consultant and an authorized Education consultant with many years’ experience in international admissions, travel and immigrations.

Postgraduate students are also welcome as admissions are ongoing into postgraduate programs in many schools.

Make the move today and step into a fulfilling career. Start your admission processing here.

Our other services include:

Immigration to Canada
Visitor/Tourist Visa Application
Access to Information (ATIP)
Business and Investment Consulting

Parenting College Student: Simple Guide to Effective Parenting

Children are a bundle of joy and watching them grow is such an experience to be relished. Watching your young adults go off to college is a really thrilling experience; it fills a parent’s heart with both excitement and fear; excitement that your children are progressing in life, and fear that you will not be there to monitor, caution or discipline them.

But really, you do not need to fear.

As parents, you need to realize that as your children reach college age – say 18 – your role in their life changes, and so does the nature of the relationship between you and them. And the earlier a parent adapts to these changes, the smoother the transition.

In this article, I will be sharing a couple of tips that will help you maintain a good relationship with your young adults, while still having a significant role in their life.

“The key, for you as a parent, is to change from being their teacher, supervisor and disciplinarian to being their CONSULTANT”.

Yes, you read that right. This enables you to treat them more as adults; this helps you put some responsibilities in their hands. In fact, you will not be in college with them and so it is best that you begin to groom them to be responsible for themselves.

Begin to communicate with them as independent adults and not dependent teenagers; the truth is, the process of independence has begun with life in college, and you sure don’t want to inhibit it.

In your new role, you will be able to coach them and remain their friend even after they become fully independent adults.

Below are few tips to help you excel in your new role as your children’s consultant.

· Listen: […]

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Reference Letter: How to Write a Reference Letter that Wins

To be honest, getting your reference letters can be a herculean task. But just getting one is not the goal,  if it does not contain some of the important details I am about to show you, your application for permanent residence may be rejected out rightly.

You will have learned that skilled work experience is a germane part of the Express Entry application; to prove that you have a skilled work experience, you need a reference letter from your employers or work places where you have applied these skills, describing the positions you held and duties you performed.
Important Details to Include in your Reference Letter
The CIC has so much work on its hands that it has little time trying to make sense of a single applicant’s reference letter, hence, yours should be carefully worded so that the really critical details are palpable without much effort.

So let’s dive in and show you what information to include in your reference letter and how to include them.

Note: Your reference letter must be written on a company letterhead paper. Any other medium is not accepted, not even an email employment confirmation.

Full Names: Ensure that your full names are written out and that they match your names as written on other documents that are included in your application. Preferably, always use the names on your passport, to avoid confusion.
Company contact details: This should contain all the information by which your company can be identified and contacted. Below is a list of information that should be included in your company’s contact details; although there are mandatory information required by the CIC, I have some suggestions added for the sake of emphasis:

Full address
Telephone numbers
Email address
Website address (my addition)
Stamped with company seal (my […]

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Brexit: How does it Affect the Choices of International Students?

Following the exit of Britain from the European Union, international students who have the option to study in the United Kingdom are opting not to do so, according to reports from an opinion poll. This reaction by the international students sampled may have been prompted by stricter immigration controls and xenophobia that followed the Brexit.

Hobsons, a student recruitment and retention solutions company carried out a survey of 1,014 international students; they discovered that 34% of the 875 student s who are yet to be registered at a University in the UK indicated that they were less likely to do so, because of Britain’s exit from the EU.

An additional 7% of the students said they will not come to the United Kingdom, as a result of the referendum.

When asked the reason why they made such decisions, the most common reasons among the students who indicated they were less likely to study in the UK are, that the UK is now less hospitable to international students, difficulty in securing a visa and low job availability at the end of study.

Some International Students See a Positive Side
However, a small portion of students think that the UK is more hospitable to international students and will most likely study in the UK. The overwhelming majority of this group of respondents is from non-EU countries. About 43% cited that weaker Pound will make a UK degree less expensive.

In his words, the Managing Director of Hobsons EMEA, Mr. Jeremy Cooper said, International students still represent a significant strategic opportunity for UK universities. Market conditions for international student recruitment look set to toughen, and universities need to send a clear message that the UK welcomes international students, as well as providing practical […]

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Was Your Canada Visa Application Denied? Get answers with ATIP!

I don’t even want to begin to imagine the feeling that comes after you have your Canada visa application denied; the frustration, the disappointment. It is a feeling everyone wants to avoid.

What worsens the feeling of frustration is the vague reason given for your denial, something like the visa officer is not convinced you will “leave Canada at the end of your stay”.

And then you get the message telling you to ensure that your “situation has changed substantively” or that you “have a significant new information” before you re-apply, if you wish to re-apply.

For those who intend to submit a new application and want to avoid another denial, this only adds to your frustration . You wish you can get more details on why the visa officer came to that conclusion. You wish you can get more information.

Actually, you can get more information on why your Canada visa application was denied at first.

With your Canada Visa Application denied, What Next?
The best way to gain access to the information detailing what factors the visa officer considered before deciding to deny your application is to submit an ATIP request to the Canadian government.
ATIP – Access to Information and Privacy
The ATIP can be used to access government information from different sources; here we will be discussing its usefulness in getting information on why you were initially denied visa so as to give your next application a better chance of success.

With a successful ATIP request, you can gain access to the visa officer’s real reasons for denying you, which will be of immense benefit for your next application.

However, to submit an ATIP request, you must either be physically present or permanent resident in Canada, or Canadian citizen.

As a […]

How long does it take to Get Your Canada Visa after Submission?

Some say 3 weeks, some say 16 weeks, and we believed it took 64 days, if you submitted your Canada visa application via the authorized representative online portal (which allows you to keep your passport ).You will possibly get as many answers to this question from as many people as you ask. Why Does Canada Visa Processing Period Vary? I visited the CIC website to get answer to this question and it stated 34 days; but I can categorically tell you that it usually takes longer than that, or less. Am I confusing you? Well, that is because the situation with the visa processing time is pretty confusing in itself. Let me give you an example. We submitted application for a family since March. We submitted these applications via the authorized representative portals (which, we supposed to be quicker). The applications included a study permit and some Temporary Residence Visas for family members who were accompanying the student to school. Then the waiting started.

Three Canadian Universities Rank in World’s Top 50 Universities

Going by the results of a poll conducted by The Times Higher Education, three Canadian universities are among the best 50 universities in the world, one of them ranking in the top 20. The world has over 23000 (twenty three thousand) registered universities. In fact, as of July 2015, Webometrics said there were 23,729 (twenty three thousand, seven hundred and twenty nine) universities in the world. Ranking in the top 1000 is quite a feat, but ranking in the top 50, I leave you to judge. Our Canadian Government Certified Education Consultant offers the necessary support to help you secure admission into top schools in Canada. Morgan Consultancy Services boasts of many years’ experience in helping students secure admission and settle down in Canada. This ranking is an improvement over previous rankings in that it probes even deeper into the basic tenets of the institutions, grouping them into five performance indicators: • Teaching (learning environment) • Citation (influence of research) • International outlook (research, staff and students) • Knowledge transfer (industry income) • Research (reputation, income and volume) Gathering the Information Institutions were asked to submit signed data for the above listed criteria. Point scores were awarded for each criterion. In the event that a school did not or could not provide relevant data for a particular criterion, a score between the average score and lowest score for that criterion was awarded to such institution, so as not to excessively penalize the institution by awarding it a zero; but no institution was rewarded for a data it did not have or provide. However, this occurrence was rare. The Three Canadian Universities that made it

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Hon. McCallum Prefers International Students for Immigration

In line with his proposal that international students (that is, foreign students who have completed a post-secondary academic program in Canada) should be the most considered for immigration, the Immigration Minister, Honourable John McCallum requested for the inputs of immigration lawyers as the federal government continues to review its Express Entry program.

For guidance and counselling on securing admission into colleges or post-secondary institutions in Canada, contact Mrs. Abiola Anyakwo, a Certified Canadian Education Consultant and Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, Membership # R406967, at Morgan Consultancy Services.

Why International Students are Considered the Best Immigrant
The minister had earlier announced that the Liberal government is making reviews to the Express Entry program that will make it easier for students who have completed a post-secondary academic program in Canada to receive permanent residency permit, citing the reasons that they are young, they know the country and its languages and they have education; “We should court them. We should encourage them to come here,” he said.

Quoting Mr. McCallum, “There is some urgency in this matter. Stage one, which I hope would be soon, would be to give more points to the students, and stage two, further down the road after more study, would be to do other things to improve express entry.”

Streams that Brought the Most Immigrants

About the channels that brought the most immigrants to Canada, the minister revealed that the Temporary Federal Skilled Workers tops the list, followed by the Provincial Nominee Program, while the Express Entry came last, an order that the minister said he will love to reverse.

Moreover, at the Immigration Law Conference, the Minster announced that the federal government is considering the limitation or elimination of the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) as boost for […]

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