Immigrating To Canada

Canada is one of the few countries that actively recruit immigrants to move to the country as permanent residents and citizens.  Canada is attractive to many foreign nationals because it is consistently ranked as one of the best countries in the world to live in. Newcomers have the opportunity to live and work in a safe and welcoming environment with a strong economy and a high quality of living.

Immigrants are welcome to establish businesses or to join the labor force and contribute to Canada’s economic development and competitiveness. Newcomers fill jobs that will be vacated by Canada’s ageing population, due to death and retirement. They also compensate for the slow growth of Canada’s population, where the birth rate is lower than replacement level.

There are several programs for skilled workers, international graduates and temporary foreign workers who wish to immigrate to Canada. These programs are offered by the Canadian federal government and also by Canada’s provinces and territories. The economic programs are developed in response to the current and future needs of Canada’s economy and labour market. There are also programs designed to promote re-unification of families.

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