Access Your Case Record

If you have a previous or current immigration application in process with Citizenship and Immigration Canada or with the Canadian Border Services Agency, we can help you gain access to your data and information from the government file. We can also help you to review and interpret this information. This ability is an important factor in advising and representing you with respect to a previous, current or proposed application.

If you have a previous application, we can access the records to determine the information on your file and to understand the reasons for the visa officers decision.

If you have a current application, our case record search will identify potential problems which you may now address proactively. This may result in a reduction of processing delays associated with outstanding information required to process an application.

If you plan to file an application, a pro-active record search that is filed before you do so may enable you to understand and address any potential issues.

You will be required to provide us with written consent to conduct a case record search on your behalf. Requests for information usually receive a response from the appropriate agency within 30 days. However, the time period may be extended where required.